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Coachella Valley EV Charger Installation

EV Charger Installation in the Coachella Valley

When you drive an electric vehicle, you need access to charging at home, giving you the freedom to charge your vehicle when you want to, how you want to. Our Coachella Valley EV charger installers at Solux Energy can outfit your home with a personal EV charger station, so you never have to worry about the power supply, proper connections, or circuit issues. Using an EV charger rather than a standard 120v outlet provides more energy, taking less time to charge your vehicle.

EV charger installation paired with solar allows you to charge your car at home using renewable energy you produce with your panels. Solux Energy can help with both EV chargers and solar panel system installation, providing you with the energy and means to run your home and electric car using the energy you produce.

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Charge Your Electric Vehicle at Home with Coachella Valley EV Charger Installation

As the popularity of electric vehicles grows, more and more people will need to charge at home. EV chargers are a great addition to gas stations, shopping centers, and business parking lots, but having a charger at home allows you the accessibility of charging while you sleep and without the stress of having to drive somewhere.

Adding an EV charger to your home equipped with solar has even more benefits, including:
Low Operating Costs

Charging your EV with solar is free and readily available from your solar panel production at home. Using solar to power your EV via a charger installed by our team reduces your pull on the electric grid.

Energy Independence

A solar-powered EV charger ensures that you will always have a power source for your electric vehicle, regardless of grid-based electricity availability.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Renewable energy provided your solar energy system reduces your carbon footprint. Tying your solar to an EV charger at home further reduces your environmental impact and your draw on fossil fuels.

When availability for EV charging is limited, having a charger at home is priceless. Our team can tie your solar energy system to your new EV charging station, so you can use renewable energy to run your electric vehicle with the accessibility of at-home charging.

Call Solux Energy for EV Charger Installation in the Coachella Valley

For EV charger installation and solar EV charger integration, call the Coachella Valley EV charger installers at Solux Energy. With experience and years in the construction, solar, and renewable energy industry, our team can help you determine the best products and installation options for your home and how you can use renewable energy to power your electric vehicle. We can help you determine your charging needs, choose an installation location, integrate with your solar energy system, and monitor your usage.

When you want to get more out of your solar power and are ready to install an at-home EV charger in the Coachella Valley, contact the team at Solux Energy.

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