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Coachella Valley Solar Battery Storage

Solar Battery Storage Options in the Coachella Valley

Solar battery storage gives you the power to keep your lights on and run your essential home or office functions, even when the power is out. Whether battling rolling blackouts or a natural disaster, solar battery storage helps you stay secure and keep your family from going without power when you need it most.

Solux Energy provides solar battery storage solutions in the Coachella Valley, installing and integrating with your new or pre-existing solar energy system. We can help you find the product that fits your needs, as well as the battery size and system that will work with your energy usage and budget. Let our Coachella Valley solar battery installers help you be prepared and give you the freedom of stored energy.

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The Benefits of Installing a Solar Battery Storage System

Your solar energy system will be enhanced with even more efficiency with solar battery storage from Solux Energy. Solar batteries retain excess solar energy, giving you flexibility, freedom, and peace of mind.

The benefits of installing a solar battery include:

1. Preparedness

Solar battery storage allows you to save your excess solar to be used when you need it most. It provides backup for when the power grid is down, so your home’s essential functions can still keep going. This may include medical equipment, your refrigerator, lights, and charging for your phones or computer.

2. Use energy when the sun goes down

With solar batteries, you don’t have to worry about going without power when the sun goes down. The excess power your panels produce will be available when it gets dark.

3. Energy independence

If you choose to go fully off-grid, your batteries will be an essential part of your solar energy system in the Coachella Valley. They will keep your home running using your excess power.

4. Increased home value

Adding solar batteries to your solar energy system increases the value of the system, therefore increasing your home’s value. It is an investment that pays off in many ways, including added property value.

Choose Solux Energy for Your Coachella Valley Solar Battery Storage System

Solux Energy offers Coachella Valley solar storage solutions backed by knowledge and experience, with high-quality products and a variety of services. We understand that the relationships with our customers reach well beyond the initial solar energy system installation, and are happy to provide maintenance, cleaning, repairs, and monitoring for all of your solar energy needs. Let us outfit your home with battery storage and everything you need to be energy-independent, eco-friendly, and confident that you can keep your lights on!

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