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Rancho Mirage Solar Installation

Residential and Commercial Solar Installation in Rancho Mirage

For professional residential and commercial solar energy system installation in Rancho Mirage, count on the team at Solux Energy. Our solar professionals offer a range of solar services backed by years of experience in the construction industry, giving us intricate knowledge of how homes use energy. Our goal at Solux Energy is to help our community grow in renewable energy usage, save money, and learn how solar can help you live an eco-friendly lifestyle moving forward. Let us help you with all your solar needs, from installation to cleaning and maintenance.

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Rancho Mirage Residential Solar Energy Systems

Save money, move towards living Green, and discover energy independence with solar energy system installation at home. Our Rancho Mirage solar installers can help you determine which products will work within your budget, what size system you need, and your home’s energy usage. Switching to solar gives you the freedom to use solar energy how and when you want to, and when you include a solar battery, you can keep your home’s essential functions running even when the grid is down.

Commercial Solar Installation in Rancho Mirage

When you want to show your customers that you care about the environment and are money-wise, going solar is the perfect choice. Our Rancho Mirage commercial solar installers can help your business switch to renewable energy that will increase your bottom line, reduce your pull on the grid, help the environment, and power your business well into the future. We can help you determine if there are federal or local rebates or tax credits so you can see an immediate return on your business investment.

Solar Battery Storage Installation in Rancho Mirage

Your new solar energy system provides you with renewable energy and saves you money, but when you include battery storage for your excess energy, you get an even bigger return. Not only will battery storage allow you to use banked energy when the sun goes down, but it also gives you the ability to keep your home running when the power is out. Excess solar energy can keep the essential functions your family relies on going, even during a rolling blackout or natural disaster.

Rancho Mirage Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance

Your solar energy system is built to last decades, with low-maintenance requirements and easy care. With this in mind, we recommend periodic cleanings and maintenance to ensure that production is optimal and that your panels are in good shape. Cleanings can remove dirt, dust, contaminants, and debris from your panels so they can continue to produce maximum output. Clean panels absorb up to 30% more solar rays than dirty panels, making cleanings an essential part of upkeep. Your solar energy system maintenance may include inspection of your panels and components, checking that wiring and connections are secure, and making sure your monitoring systems are working well.

Solar Monitoring Systems and Services in Rancho Mirage

Your new solar energy system may come with built-in monitoring, or you may need a stand-alone monitoring system, either way, our Rancho Mirage solar monitoring team has you covered. With solar monitoring systems and professional services, you can keep an eye on your panel’s solar production, easily detecting if there is an issue or if you need to schedule repairs. Your regular solar production stats can be viewed whenever you choose, so you will immediately know if anything changes. Solar monitoring is your security system for maximum output and confidence in your new system.

Professional Solar Repairs in Rancho Mirage

Your solar panels may need repairs from time to time, and our Rancho Mirage solar repair team is here to help. We can help determine the extent of damages, whether your panels are repairable, or if you need replacements. Damages to solar panels may occur due to extreme weather, falling debris, natural disasters, or a power surge. Regardless of the reason, we can help you get your system back to optimal performance with professional repairs.

Rancho Mirage Energy Efficiency Testing

With energy efficiency testing, you can be confident that your solar energy system is working as it should, providing your home or business with the solar power it requires. Energy efficiency testing allows you to investigate where there may be issues and can help you understand where you pull the most energy. It helps when you need to make adjustments to energy usage, whether changing how you run your HVAC system or monitoring how your holiday décor changes usage.

Rancho Mirage Solar Installation with Solux Energy

Solux Energy is proud to offer a variety of solar services and products, so you never have to look elsewhere when it comes to your renewable energy. We can help you be more energy efficient, offer professional panel cleaning, and outfit your home or office with solar panels and batteries. Our Rancho Mirage solar installation team cares about your home’s future and how you can power your home in an environmentally friendly way that saves you money!

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