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How Solar Batteries Give Your Security and Safety

Security, Safety, and Independence with Solar Battery Storage

Adding solar battery storage to your home or business solar energy system provides a level of security and energy safety beyond what is generated during daylight hours. It helps you utilize all of the electricity your solar panels produce rather than sending your excess energy to the grid. Solux Energy’s Coachella Valley solar installers can help you outfit your existing residential or commercial solar energy system with solar storage or include it with a new install, offering energy independence and much more.

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Energy Independence Using Your Excess Solar with Solar Batteries

Solar batteries connect to your solar panel system to store your excess solar for later use. This provides even more savings from increasing energy rates and the costs of running your home’s electricity when the sun goes down. With solar battery storage, you can rely on your solar production to power your home after dark, using the excess solar produced during the day to keep your home going.

With solar batteries, your reliance on the grid for energy is reduced in higher proportion than without battery storage, helping you be more self-reliant and less dependent on the grid for energy. Adequate solar battery storage can also help you move towards being off-grid, providing energy independence and decreasing your carbon footprint further.

Blackout Security with Solar Battery Storage

Not only is your excess storage accessible for daily use with battery storage, but it is also available during blackouts and emergencies. The added security of energy access when the grid is down can help you have the confidence that even when the power is out, your home or office’s essential functions can still work. From medical equipment to charging your computer and cell phones, solar battery storage provides you with electricity when your grid is down.

If your home or business is off-grid, you can utilize your solar energy panels and batteries to keep everything going as usual, so whether at work or home, your power is uninterrupted. The security of your home or business remains intact when your energy is not connected to the grid, keeping security cameras, electric gates, and any other security running even if your neighborhood is left without power.

Use Your Excess Solar Energy with Battery Storage in the Coachella Valley

Solar battery storage allows you to use the excess solar produced during the day by your solar panels whenever you want to, from daily use to blackout emergency preparedness. The security and safety of solar battery storage means that the essential functions of your home or business do not have to be interrupted by rolling blackouts, energy interruptions, or unreliable grid connections. When you have solar energy systems that include battery storage, your excess power is accessible to use when the sun goes down or when the grid goes down.

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