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5 Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

5 Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

Add Battery Storage to Your Solar Energy System in the Coachella Valley

When you decide to install solar panels at your home, you are taking a step in the direction of savings and energy independence. Solar offers an alternative to grid reliance, allows your home to move toward energy independence and sustainability, and protects against ever-rising utility bills. With solar battery storage, you get even more of these benefits, plus a lot of additional perks.

At Solux Energy, we care about our customers and the environment. Let us help you move towards sustainability and discover all the benefits of solar energy and battery storage. Build your ideal solar energy system, including battery storage, with help from our Coachella Valley solar energy experts.

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How Solar Battery Storage Increases the Benefits of Going Solar

Adding solar battery storage to your existing system or installing it along with a new solar energy system will increase the benefits and help you find freedom in sustainable energy.

Some of the biggest benefits of solar battery storage are:

  • Get the most out of your panels. Not only can you use the solar energy your system produces during the day while it is working, but the excess energy produced can be stored and used when the sun goes down. You will have access to your excess energy whenever you need it when you add battery storage to your solar energy system. Depending on the size and capacity of your battery storage system, you may have enough to run your household day or night without worrying about how much energy you are using.
  • Energy security and independence. Solar batteries provide energy independence and security, so you can rely on your stored energy when the grid power goes out, when grid energy is unreliable, or during planned outages in the heat of the summer. You don’t have to worry about the grid going down when you have battery-stored solar energy. The security of knowing your home’s essential functions will keep running regardless of grid energy provides an added sense of relief and peace.
  • Reduced electric bills. You’ll notice a reduction in your electric bills once you install solar, but with battery storage, that reduction will be even more significant. Battery storage may even help to eliminate your electric bills. With net metering, you can even earn credits towards future electric bills or potentially cash back at the end of the year.
  • Tax credits and rebates. Installing solar batteries with your new solar energy system can increase your rebates, and tax credits, and earn local incentives.
  • Increased property value. Solar panels, energy systems, and battery storage offer increased real estate value when you resell or when looking to refinance your property. Many homeowners are looking for houses that already have solar installed, and with storage batteries, your home becomes even more appealing.

Solar Energy Systems and Battery Storage in the Coachella Valley

Solux Energy is a leading company in the innovative and dynamic industry of solar energy and sustainability. Our experienced, professional Coachella Valley solar installers can help you spend less money on utilities, earn tax rebates and local incentives, and get the peace of mind that your home can run even when the grid goes down.

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